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Weekly Workout Plans

I will send you a workout plan each week that will include cardio and weight training. Please let me know if you use a gym or not. I have some great plans for all the stay home mamas out there or anyone who cant get to the gym! My personal passion is helping new mamas and anyone home bound so don't let a lack of gym membership keep you from doing this please! My workout plans are tailored to YOU. No one is just alike so why should one workout plan work for everyone? Also, lets be honest.. we all want a bigger this or that and a smaller something else. Let me help you find a plan that gets you the body you want. Yes it is possible to change your body "type". 


Weekly Meal Plans. Please Lets Eat Yummy Foods and STOP DIETING!

Stop dieting! Start ADDING healthy foods into your life instead of restricting foods and being miserable!! I want you to be healthy yes but I really, really, really want you to be HAPPY and what makes us all happy? YUMMY food! Diets suck. Please lets ditch diets and be happy. Lets eat pizza, lots of cheese (vegan if you roll like that), bread, cake and all the things. Let me send you recipes for healthy versions of these things and let me give you a plan so that you can still go out to eat, keep a little junk food here and there and lose all the guilt


Juice Recipes and Mentoring in Juicing

If you know me you know this: I'm a green juice/ root juice fiend. Period. This stuff changed my life. My health issues disappeared, my energy came back and I lost a ton of weight when I started the juice blend I created and started "flooding" my body with green juice. I also started the exercise plan included here but the number one thing that changed my health and my life was the juice flooding plan I created. Let me help you...please, please, please! 

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Please note that I am NOT a personal trainer. My workout plan includes exercises that have worked for me but I do not instruct clients in them. If you would like a referral to a certified personal trainer please ask. I have many referrals. 

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